Thursday, December 18, 2008

Movie Review: "Hancock"

I just finished watching the movie "Hancock" starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron. While this was not one of the worst movies that I have ever seen, I would have expected a lot more of Will and Charlize. This movies was about an unexpected superhero (Smith) who uses his superpowers to fight crime, but in the end usually causes more trouble than help. One day he is introduced to Theron's character who turns out to be his opposite in superpowers (lost you yet?).

It turns out that certain superheroes are produced in twos, and they happen to be a pair. They have a past, most of which is not remembered by Hancock because of so much trauma caused during an attack during their last fling together.

I am sure that I have left some things out, and I did not give away the ending, but you will just have to watch it yourself. Unfortunately I missed some parts due to falling asleep here and there. Once again, not the worst movie ever, but I was expecting much more.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Movie Review: "21"

Every once in a while you see a movie that inspires you. For whatever reason, it just makes you want to go out and do something to change your life. For me, 21 was one of those movies. It made me want to make more money, it made me want to go to Vegas, it made me want to go out and learn everything there is to know about counting cards. This movie is about a small group of students at MIT that count cards and make a lot of money just doing it on the weekends. It is based on a true story, and it focuses mainly on one character. This particular student is a mathematical genius, bit does not have the money to get into the grad school of choice. By counting cards, he is able to make the money needed to attend the school. This is a drama in the fact that there are many twists and turns, and the main characters begin to have conflicts and all look for ways to screw each other. Over all it is one of the better movies that I have seen lately. If you know of a place where I can buy a "How To" guide for counting cards, please let me know.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Movie Review: "Dan in Real Life"

If you are looking for a romantic comedy to get your evening going, this might just be the movie for you. Although I was a little dissapointed, the movie was overall...Okay. I am a really big fan of Steve Carell. I have really enjoyed all of his movies and television shows, but this movie was just really not his style. As the movie progreses, you will learn that Dan (Steve Carell), is a widowed father of three. His wife passed away three years ago, and he is having a hard time tryig to raise the three girls ranging from about 7 years old to 16 years old. He is a well known columnist/author that is not only having trouble with his daughters, but with all women PERIOD. He takes his daughters on a vacation to spend the week with the family, and on his first day there he finally meets a woman. When he returns to the house, he is telling his brothers about the girl when his brother's new girlfriend walks in...Guess Who??? The movie twists and turns from there, but it is all very predictable as it goes on and eventuall ends. Like I said, it was not a bad movie, but I will always expect more from Steve Carell.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Movie Review: "No Country for Old Men"

Honestly, this movie really did not sound that interesting to me when I first heard about it. I remember hearing about it when it came out, and then I heard that it won just about every award that you can think of, but I just was not buying it. My wife told me that she really wanted to see it, so I finally broke down and added it to my que. Even when it arrived, I was like, "Go ahead and watch it while I am at work because I am not that interested." She insisted on waiting until I got home to watch it, so I finally did. I actually took a break from playing around on the Internet to tune in after the first scene. The story revolves around a small-town Texas country boy that finds a briefcase near a drug deal gone bad that is full of money. He decides that he needs to get away for a while because he assumes that with such a large sum of money, people would be looking for it. The man looking for him is relentless. He is intelligent and is not going to stop until he gets his money. There are many people who come and go as the movie progresses, and although it is slow in some places, the action packed thrilling scenes that are soon to come make up for it. I am definitely glad that my wife was so insistent on us watching this movie together.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Movie Review: "Deja Vu"

Being a member of BLOCKBUSTER Total Access , my wife and I get to see a lot of movies. We do not go to the theater too often because we always have movies at home that still need to be watched. A few months back, we did go and see Deja Vu. We enjoyed it so much that we went home that night and added it to our Que at BLOCKBUSTER Total Access . I decided to watch it again last night, and it was just as good if not better than I had remembered. It stars Denzel Washington working as a detective looking for a killer who is played by Jim Caviezel. Denzel is working with top secret government people who have a device that allows them to watch anything anywhere in the world on a screen using satellite images. But the only problem is that the video feed only allows them to see things like three days after they have already happened, and there is no pause, rewind, or fast forward. They somehow manage to transport Denzel into the past through the system to try and keep the bombing/murder from happening. It is very confusing if you are not paying attention, and it is way too hard to try and describe in detail without making it sound really stupid. My wife and I both really enjoyed it, and I am sure that you would too. Add it to your que today, and let me know what you think after watching it tomorrow.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Looking For Someone to Watch That Movie With?

Good Evening,

I have been digging around on a lot of different movie/date night sites over the last few days. I starting realizing how much these two things go together. I know that over the last few years, anytime that I knew of someone that was going out to see a movie by themselves I made jokes about it. I have been in a wonderful relationship for the last few years, so I have never considered having to go to a movie by myself. But, I know that there are plenty of people out there that are not near as fortunate as I have been when it come to landing the perfect soul mate. I have decided to do what I can to help out those that are in need. Please visit the link below to yahoo personals to see if you can find that perfect someone to take out to see a movie with. Happy Hunting!

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